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  • Brief | Our Process

    Creating a campaign is a complicated process. It involves lots of creative thinking and planning. We prefer to think if it as the same as baking a cake. SO here is how we work at Still Moving, this is how we bring ideas to life.

    So, you’ve decided that you want to bake a cake. It can be daunting at first, thinking about all of the types of cake and all the different flavours. You’re probably wondering what kind of cake should you want bake and who’s going to eat it?

    Luckily, we’re cake connoisseurs, everyone will want a slice.

  • Concepts | Our Process

    Our years of experience has added many tips and tricks in our armoury to create a cake which will make your friends salivate.

    We’re ready, are you?

  • Pre-Production | Our Process

    Our utensils are ready, and we’ve sourced the best ingredients. Let’s preheat the oven.

    You wouldn’t get Heston Blumenthal to pick perfect ingredients and then give them to a monkey to throw in a blender…

  • Production | Our Process

    We’ve meticulously weighed the ingredients and off they go, into the mixer! Batter glides into the prepped baking trays.

    Treat yourself to a taste but pop it in the oven. It’s time to bake!

  • Post-Production | Our Process

    The cakes smell incredible and the rise is perfect. Now we must assemble our masterpiece.

    First comes the filling to join them together and after that we’ll hand craft the decoration to make your cake the most delectable and aesthetic.

  • Delivery | Our Process

    Our cake is ready to devour. Here it comes, are you excited yet?! Gather your co-conspirators and celebrate what we’ve produced together!

    A cake like this should be shared with the world.