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This started with the broad brief of appealing to students and making them aware of Student Universe’s services. As we drilled down, we began to focus on what appealed to students and what would hold their attention. This lead to initial ideas around strange scenarios showing what you could buy with the money you’d save by using their service. That was then combined with the possibility of using a social influencer who’d be able to pull off the scenes needed and boost the humour levels alongside leveraging their audience.

Split screen of fingers typing on keyboard and Iphone with Student Universe App. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Booking of a large studio space to setup out various scenarios, hiring a roulette table and roulette artist?, lots of sand, pizza boxes, negotiating rates with agents for our social influencer Bash the Entertainer, procuring a bath tub, lots of beans and a rubber duck! This shoot had a lot of moving parts to co-ordinate over two days. Test rigging of our Ronin to be able to pull off some of the top down shots.

Student Universe end card of video with man in bath full of baked beans. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Thanks to careful planning everything ran smoothly, our team worked with Bash to get the most out of his iconic delivery and laugh! Every shot involved an element of movement so we had to time everything perfectly, camera moves, Bash’s acting, audio boom and focus! Once we had a shot, everything was reset to prepare for the next shot.

Man in bath full of baked beans. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Each concept was well defined so the editing process was smooth. We added in some elements of the website and some voice overs by Bash along with relevant graphics and links. Thanks to careful lighting during production colour grading was straight forwarded too. We love it when a plan comes together!

Man laughing in bath tub full of baked beans. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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