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Our work with Ruroc

Specialised extreme sports protection equipment makers Ruroc have worked with us for over 4 years to create their strong campaign imagery. These campaigns are shot around Europe in the most beautiful scenery.


Each year, Ruroc have pushed their content to the maximum with the help of both our photography & film teams. Often wanting to sell the extreme lifestyle dream, we have shot on glaciers and on snowmobiles to get the most impactful imagery we could.

Snowboarder mid-air in the Swiss Alps on a Ruroc snowboard with mountains and blue skies in the back. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


The logistics involved with a shoot for Ruroc is always challenging, whether it’s getting trucks full of equipment or building a ski jump, we have always embraced the challenges.

Snowboarder walking up snowy mountain with snowboard in hand with clouds and blue skies in back. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Due to the vast spaces behind the talent, our team of editors removed all unwanted distractions so that the viewer focuses on the action.

Snowboarder mid flip with trees in back and snow in air. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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