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Ruroc Forge

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Dale Campbell
Nathan Ryan
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Ruroc Forge

The product

Ruroc came to us to make an eye-catching promotional film for a new limited edition helmet, ‘The Forge’.

Athlete wearing full faced Ruroc helmet at the Swiss Alps in front of mountains. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Our previous work for Ruroc had been very literal so we took a different approach to explore the idea of the helmets away from snow. We decided to look at a dramatised ‘creation’ film for the ‘Forge’ Helmet.

Blacksmith hitting anvil with hammer in front of forge with lights beaming through wooden walls. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Location was going to be critical for this, we needed something authentic and gritty that could give the right look without having to do extensive set dressing. After some searching we found Donkeywell Forge and after a quick visit to scout and a chat with Jon it was clear this would be the perfect location. We gathered some shots during a location scout which were used as the basis for our storyboards.

Storyboards with drawn illustrations. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


The shoot was split over two days, on day one we captured the ‘forging’ shots, day two was focused on hero product shots. To create the right mood Dale worked with his team to carefully light the location, although the mood is very dark a lot of light is required to create the layered effect we see in the final piece using a combination of various location lights.

Set photo with various lights and grip gear in dark closed off room. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


With most of the shots being planned out carefully the assembly of the edit was straight forward. The biggest influence was the music driving the editing choices and giving the film its vibe. Grading was a case of gentle polishing to enhance the lighting done on location.

Ruroc full face helmet in spotlight with fire from forge in the background. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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