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Create a video for distribution on SnapChat to show the new Sunshimmer product.

We knew we needed a shower scene to show the application. We also wanted to add in a few more lifestyle shots to help ground the product and show it as a way of adding a glow for a night out etc. After speaking with the client we had a good idea of the process that needed to be shown so we set to work creating storyboards.

Make-up artist applying make up on female model with blonde hair. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Location had to have a shower large enough to accommodate our model and our DOP. The rest of the room was needed to allow for lighting equipment and access for hair and makeup. We found several locations in and around London but one in particular had a shower which was open at either end. With our location set we liased with Sharia, our hair and makeup artist, and Felicia Wern, our model, to make sure everyone was ready for the shoot day.

4x4 frame with diffusion facing model in shower. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


An early start so the team prepping lighting and video village for our client was ready prior to everyone arriving. Dale our DoP rigged the shower for a high key look and then worked through a quick briefing with the client. When our model arrived, Sharia set to work on hair and makeup and then we set about getting the first shower shots. Once these were in the can, everyone took a lunch break and then we rigged the lifestyle ‘quick change shot’ and the before/after. Finally we took advantage of some pockets of sunshine to get a few outdoor shots which definitely added to the feel of the final piece.

Director of Photography Dale Campbell looking at monitor and operating camera. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


This project was primarily focused on a snap chat activation, and as such prioritised the vertical edits. However we did need to create square and 16*9 edits for different platforms. Each aspect ratio served a very different purpose.

Director of Photography Dale Campbell looking at monitor and operating camera. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Getting to see an activation like this play out across many social platforms as paid content coupled with other content generated for the campaign was very interesting. Being able to work closely with the client to identify usage early helped ensure we would be able to create cuts at a suitable aspect ratio and prevent losing important elements.

Female model with make up artist applying make up in shower. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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