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Female model wearing light shirt holding Neptune rum by the sea. Photograph by Still Moving Media.

Neptune Rum

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Spencer McPherson
Imagery + retouching
Phil Stevens
Imagery + Retouching
Nathan Ryan
Joanna Hodson
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We have worked with Neptune Rum’s brand agency Third Floor Design for the previous 2 years, developing refreshing campaign concept and social media stories. Part of our approach has been to play between the warm sunlight and cool blue evening tones. This mix of colour keeps content fresh and has created a clear brand style for Neptune Rum.

Cannes Campaign

Our various teams are often out and about, shooting all around the world, but it still rare that we get to shoot on a 22 million-pound super yacht on the French Riviera. This is precisely what we did with Neptune Rum selling their new rum brand to the international market.

Male model by railings in pinstripe shirt holding a glass of Neptune rum overlooking the sea. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


As part of our content strategy with Neptune, we adapted every bit of video to fit into Instagram Stories, Facebook Adverts, YouTube Adverts and LinkedIn posts. Every piece of content fitted perfectly no matter where it was going.

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