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Person filming a video on a beach in Iceland

Moving quickly with the Manfrotto Fast Tripod

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Moving quickly with the Manfrotto Fast Tripod

Manfrotto developped a game-changing tripod in early 2018. They needed an entire content portfolio to launch their product in a market that sees little innovation, as well as a unique approach to launching the campaign. This game-changing tripod

Project Scope

  • Campaign Development
  • International Shoot Logistics
  • Live-Action Production
  • Photography
  • Post-Production
Person using video camera on a tripod in the snow


A tripod in fundamentally boring, it is not a piece of equipment the camera world gets excited about. So how can we transform this product into an incredible adventure you want to be a part of?


The campaign film and photography led to massive engagement across Instagram. It reached over 101K Instagram accounts through our content launch, with images being shared by filmmaking community pages with up to 700K followers, leading to a major product awareness across the semi-pro filmmaking industry.

001: Concept

Manfrotto needed to appeal to mid-level filmmakers around the world. This market segment varies from young students who are starting their careers to filmmakers who have been shooting for 30+ years. Our concept focused on creating hype around a lifestyle, a way of life for filmmakers that is achievable with this versitile tripod. In line with Manfrotto’s brand, we wanted viewers to see our hero film and #ImagineMore. Our Creative Director and creative team drafted our vision of this lifestyle; jetting from one location to the next. You could be in an Icelandic snowstorm, shooting a model on a horse the day after and on Spanish beachs with a model 24 hours later. All these stories whilst showing off the key differences between a standard tripod and the Fast Tripod.

002: Planning

With our concept fixed, our Production team started putting the puzzle together. 3 countries in 5 days was no simple task. 4 things were all happening at once; The art styling was being completed as the locations in each country were scouted online, talent was cast with contracts signed, and flights to Iceland and Barcelona were booked 24 hours before each shoot.

003: Production

With our Creative Director as the hero character in our story, Dale faced the challenge of directing whilst in front of the camera. In Iceland, our team drove 3 hours in-land during a snow storm to capture the glaciers and then to the black beaches of Reynisfjara. In Barcelona, our team joined model Corina for fashion shoot in the city centre. Back home in the UK, we worked on an equestrian shoot, an interview setup and studio fashion shoot. On each location, our film team would capture the storyboard and then our photography team would capture the campaign images in the same setup.

004: Post-Production

We had 5 individual stories to tell, with the tripod at the centre of it all. Making sure we showed the technical side of the tripod whilst keeping it exciting to pull people into this filmmaker lifestyle. Our editors weaved the stories into a hero film and our photography team joined the still imagery to match up using special colour grades.

005: Delivery

The final hero film was packaged up and re-cut into social cuts. Individual stories were crafted for each location, forming “The Iceland Story”, “The Barcelona Story”, etc. The photography was cropped into many formats suited for application on web, social media and print.



The online traction gained from the initial launch was massive, with influential filmmaker communities picking up the content and sharing. An indirect launch through our own Instagram allowed Manfrotto to launch the product without having to spend big on intial PPC advertising.


pages reached across platforms upon launch

Knowing we wanted big filmmaking pages to share the content, we created bespoke edits that made the content less like an advert and easier for pages to share.

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