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Blue Megabus with Sid facing sunset on slight overcast sky. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


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Megabus came to us for help with creating a powerful and engaging photo and film campaign for their various online outlets. They wanted to show off the features of their buses as well as sell a lifestyle directly to their various target demographics.

Blue Megabus with Sid on the side on Brick floor on clear sky. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


They wanted to create content that they could push out throughout the year based on seasonal trends and events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. We drafted a storyboard and moodboards that would help us define the style of shot for each video and photo collection.

Group of holiday goers by bus stop at airport. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


During pre-production our team sourced actors, makeup artists, as well as props & accessories to match each style. We created a carefully planned schedule to allow our team to deliver the large requirement for photography and film in a short amount of time.

Phill in front of 4x4 bounce held by beefy baby stands. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Production took place in various locations around the West of England with the photography team and film team working alongside each other in perfect harmony.

4x4 bounce on 4x4 frame held by stands next to Megabus. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Megabus wanted to be able to use the various images and videos across all of their online outlets. This meant we had to deliver videos in different sizes to suit each outlet.

Two actors during a shot greeting outside Megabus. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Megabus used the content across their social media which saw them get a large amount of engagement across various social media platforms and allowed them to differentiate from their competitors.

Actors on Megabus operating fan control above. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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