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Purple arm chair on a sunny day in a modern style kitchen.


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In the details

We shoot a large series of interior and exterior architecture images for various clients across the year. One of our favourite things is the attention to detail required to make every image look great.

Modern swimming room with pool and blue sofas. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


When a client comes to us for architecture photography, we always work with them to deliver a consistent style across the collection of images we produce for them. This is when we create moodboards and reference images.

Modern decor bathroom with bath sink and large window at the back. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


We are often required to get special angles for certain buildings, which can require getting permission to access an adjacent building with a high view point or getting a permit to fly a drone in the area. This is all handled during the pre-production phase.

Classic games room with pool table and bar with illuminated shelves. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


When shooting interiors, we spend time styling and lighting each room, creating a mood and a flow in the space. We will always create a style that is reflected in both the interior and exterior images.

Contemporary kitchen and living room with center work table and black chairs. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Post-production techniques allow us to fix things that couldn’t be fixed during the shoot, such as stray cables and objects blocking certain views.

Minimal spacious kitchen with wide open doors leading to garden on a sunny day. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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