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Grandads of the Atlantic

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Dale Campbell
1st Ac
Ratheka Patel
Ben Arther
Joanna Hodson
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Create a promotional film that will help raise awareness and donations for the Grandads of the Atlantic and their charities.

We initially came up with two ideas, the first involved creating a really moody piece which would have required stormy seas to create a powerful film focusing on the scale of the task they were undertaking, it would require lots of planning and several support boats. The second took a lighter tack and would be less weather dependant. Ultimately due to time restrictions before the start of the crossing, the second options was chosen.

Rower and boat on water on sunset with boats in distance. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


The team came up with a schedule for our shoot day with an early start in Portsmouth to capture interviews, b-roll of the boat being prepped and high speed tracking shots on the water.

Paddle in water with boat in background at golden hour. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


On the shoot day the film team loaded up early and arrived by breakfast time, setting up our interviews first with each of the Grandads. Ben then set about capturing b-roll of them preparing the boat while Ratheka and Dale rigged out the speed boat with the BlackArm and Ronin 2 for the high speed tracking shots later on, during the crossing to the Isle of Wight. A quick lunch which was mandated by the tide that our rowers needed to catch to get out of Portsmouth! For the on water tracing shots Dale operated the Ronin 2 on the Blackarm with Ratheka Focus Pulling. Ben was in charge of drone shots taking off and landing on our speedboat in the open waters having got flight clearance from the local naval bases.

Blackarm and Ronin 2 attached to boat in middle of ocean. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Any piece built around interviews undergoes several incarnations as we slowly work out which points drive the narrative forwards and which don’t. This is especially relevant with two interviews covering much of the same information. Everything needs to flow so they would seamlessly follow each others points. Once this framework is in place we begin adding in b-roll to illustrate the points, and finally work on the colour grade and audio levels.

crew from Grandads of the Atlantic interview with sea in background. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


This project was a pleasure to work on and even once it was complete the challenge had only just begun as the Grandads still had to make it across the Atlantic. The whole team at still moving followed their progress avidly and it was amazing to see them complete the challenge and take a world record in the process. The footage we worked with them to capture has been used on their social media channels, it has also made appearances on Channel 5 and ITV detailing their adventure.

2x2 frame with diffusion over the crew in interview setup. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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