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Showcase of summer clothing hanging from green astroturf with hats boots and flowers below. Photograph by Still Moving Media.

Gloucester Quays

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To entice consumers to visit Gloucester Quays, we often work on creating a unique and creative set of images that show the range and style Gloucester Quays has to offer.

Showcase of pink and blue tops with bicycle underneath. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


We created moodboards to reflect the fresh style and green approach Gloucester Quays has and settled on mixing the two together in one image.

Collection of denim jackets and summer dress hanging from hangers with wooden boxes filled with flowers. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Our production team sourced props and accessories to style each product perfectly, working cloesly with a stylist to get the look that had been agreed during the concept phase.

White long shirt hanging from flower covered frame with boots on wooden crates. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Our photography team often work closely with a stylist and art director to deliver visually appealing images that elavate products.

view of bags on astroturf from top to bottom with small accessories on either side. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Getting a unique look isn’t just about how the products look on the day, but also about how they are treated after the shoot during the post-production phase. Our lead retoucher for this shoot created a special look to bring out the colours and textures in the products, which was then applied to all the images in the collection.

Canon 5Ds with 85mm 1.2 lens and Broncolor trigger. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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