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Create short ‘bumpers’ for their gumboil rally vlog updates.

There were several ideas at the outset of this project that the agency had come up with. Complexity and cost meant that the simple pan down onto the ERS logo in the center of a wheel hub was selected.


The exact methodology for this shot was still open to discussion, we came up with three options - Shoot a real car on a rolling road Shoot a real car on a vehicle lift Shoot only a wheel We also had many discussions about adding the logo in post, our view was that it would be best to get a gel dome with the logo made and attach this to our wheel hub. Our production manager then sourced a ferrari and garage locally we could use for our shoot. For the second classic car wheel we actually did shoot in the studio, and it turns out that classic car splinted hubs fit perfectly in our junior pin combo stands so mounting was a doddle! As this hub was chrome and highly reflective the studio allowed more control to manage reflections.


For the ferarri wheel shot we mounted our logo gel dome, setup lighting and a vertical motion control slider. This allowed us to do a controlled move with a steady repeatable speed. In order to get the perfect poosition on the logo we worked in reverse, framing and positioning the wheel dead centre to start then slowly spinning the wheel backwards by hand as we dollied up increasing the speed of the spinning wheel as we went. The classic car wheel was much the same but we spent much more time positioning negative fill and bounce boards to create suitable reflections in the highly polished chrome.


Post involved revising the footage so the wheel would come to a stop and a bit of speed ramming to get the perfect pace. For the Ferrari wheel we also repositioned the wheel arch to compensate for the car being on a ramp and the suspension hanging down. Suitable sound effects were added along with colour grading and the final versions are ready to roll.


For two very short videos and awful lot of planning and filming time went into making these effective, but they came out really well and are still in use to this day!

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