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Dubarry Film Campaign

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By understanding the hero products for the season along with the models and locations we’ll be working with, the team will collaborate to outline what needs to be captured.

Two models wearing Dubarry clothing by lake on overcast day. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Filming Dubarry of Irelands campaigns means completely immersing ourselves into the to locations as these set the tone. Autumn/Winter is especially important as everything is shot in Ireland drawing heavily on dramatic landscapes.

Male model in front of waterfall standing on hill. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Part of these shoots is being prepared for the weather. We roll out in full waterproofs with our rigs rain ready. Storms rarely stop the models and for Autumn winter the raw wild outdoors is an essential element!

Model with Dubarry boots on motorbike with foot on brakes. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


We visit a number of different locations looking at the functional elements of the boots and clothes in each as well soaking up the vibe of the rugged terrain… and a fair amount of water! Working on lenses that will yield excellent skin tones, rigs that allow smooth movement and precise framing we are able to capture everything on the move.

Cinematographer Dale Campbell wearing Ready Rig with Ronin 2 as model rides motorbike. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


An extension of the work done to capture everything correctly, work starts on the shoot logging and categorising shots and garments. This then allows us to work through our hitlist of Hero shots and functional elements to create the various campaign films, category films and short social edits in the appropriate aspect ratio.

Two models walking down wet road next to lake. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


With seasonal campaigns, we’re often beginning the process of planning the next shoot before the previous content has been used. So its always exciting to throwback and revise everything when it goes live and look at the reception on all the platforms.

Female model walking along lakeside with Dubarry clothing with hills in background. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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