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View overlooking a town as the sun sets on a clear day. Photograph by Still Moving Media.

Drone Photography

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Our drone process

When used in the right way, drone photography provides an angle no one else has and can deliver powerful and impactful images. Our expert, CAA Permitted drone pilot ensures we have all the correct permits before taking off, creating flight plans, risk assessments, pre & on-site surveys. He will inspect the drone to make sure it is safe to fly before every shoot, following our detailed Operations Manual.

View overlooking Bristol bridge during a sun rise. Photograph by Still Moving Media.

The process of getting permissions will vary between locations, so please allow plenty of time for this part! We will choose the right drone for the job, with a choice between a Hasselblad camera for pinsharp details or a zoom-lens equipped drone to get closer to the action.

View from below the Bristol bridge at dawn. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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