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Creating emotion for the Aston Martin Concorde Edition.

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Aston Martin & Dick Lovett set out to produce a limited-edition Aston Martin DBS Concorde Edition - a unique collaboration with British Airways to honour the 50th anniversary of the first Concorde flight.

This exclusive car needed an important story to back it.

Project Scope

  • Campaign Development

  • Script Development

  • Talent Casting

  • Live-Action Production

  • Post-Production


Create a story around the limited-edition car that brings Concorde and Aston Martin together, whilst keeping the entire project secret for over 2 months.


Still Moving™ helped Dick Lovett, Aston Martin and British Airways focus their story on emotion. We produced a 60-second hero film that led to over half of the limited-edition car selling in the first few weeks of launch.


For Aston Martin lovers and Concorde enthusiasts who want to own a piece of history.


A 60-second live-action film driven by emotion and nostalgia.


To generate interest and sales for the limited-edition Aston Martin Concorde Edition.


Digital spaces, from press to car YouTube channels.


Launch of the limited-edition Aston Martin Concorde Edition.

001: Concept

Our Creative Director, Dale sat down with the Aston Martin team at Dick Lovett to craft a story around the car launch. Dale listed all the things car lovers and Concorde lovers share and this became the foundation for the film. A story driven by (excuse the pun) love of innovation and nostalgia. The story had to elevate the car above the standard Aston Martin product-line as the limited edition car was very similar to a standard DBS car at almost half the price. It needed character, history and unforgettable moments.

002: Planning

Our biggest challenge was that no car actually existed at the time of filming. We needed to have a standard DBS modified to look like the initial concept drawings and make the final changes in post-production. As well as bringing the car designs to life, we created a 1970’s living room to intercut with the archived footage from British Airways. Our production team worked with fashion model Jodie Kidd to record the perfect voice-over encompassing the feeling of Concorde, Aston Martin and supersonic experiences

003: Production

A 3-day shoot took place in Bristol, Northamptonshire and our studio in Cheltenham. Shooting on the Sywell airport runway with a safety car, a chase car and the modified DBS was an incredible experience for the team at Dick Lovett Aston Martin and our team. Seeing the concept car speeding down the runway gave everyone on the shoot a great idea of what the final car will look like.

004: Post-Production

A mix of historical archive footage and the sheer excitement the car shots show made the film come to life. Our editors tied nostalgia and power together, using VFX + sound design to make the concept car look and sound as good as possible. This is the story of bringing supersonic back to life.

005: Delivery

As with most of the projects we produce, we adapted the format to fit each space it will live in. We created a series of cuts for Instagram stories, Facebook banners and Press kits. Dick Lovett, Aston Martin & British Airways each had their own content packs from the project.



The film was shared by Aston Martin and British airways on the 26th of November 2019, 16 years to the day since Concorde touched down for the final time at RAF Filton, one of the 4 filming locations of our film. The launch received incredible response from the luxury car community and led to over half of the limited-edition cars being pre-ordered.


views across social media

The hero film was shared by many automotive pages, as well as great traction on British Airways’ & Aston Martin’s social media pages.

over 50%

of limited-edition cars sold

Within a few weeks of launch and the launch film with over 100K views across social media, over half of the Aston Martin DBS Concorde Edition’s had been pre

100s of fans

talking about the history of Concorde

Not only was the response online incredible, but it generated many conversations about the history and power of Concorde from many viewers.

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