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White Super Dry Sport spray can in-bedded in sand with orange skies in back. Photograph by Still Moving Media.

Luxury Product

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When shooting a complicated product such as cosmetics, we will work closely with our clients to make sure we are not only getting the best out of each product, but also giving each image a unique and creative feel.

Blue Ralph Lauren fragrance bottle with water and black background. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


We make sure we have a clear vision of what we want to deliver by creating moodboards and sketches that allow our team to work precisely and effectively. We work to source props, accessories and decor for each setup.

Behind the scenes with tripod and Ralph Lauren bottle on plexiglass. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


During pre-production, our team will ensure everything is ready to go on the day of the shoot, from scheduling each shot to purchasing the props and accessories.

Top down shot of clear fragrance bottle on fake leaves. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Lighting a product to bring out its textures and colours is a challenge we embrace, working to create an image that is visually stunning but retains the product’s characteristics.


Our retouching team work carefully with a brief and check each pixel twice, making sure all is right and the image will look great on every device.

Opaque Calvin Klein bottle surrounded by fake green leaves. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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