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Arkell's Brewery

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Capture the essence of the production of Arkells beers.

This needed a very grounded approach, showing the beauty of each stage of production form the farming to brewing, to delivery, racking and drinking. Our drive was to show these in a cinematic way.

Wheat plant caught by winds in field. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


We worked out when and where certain process would be taking place, this was particularly relevant for the barley harvest as this is incredibly time sensitive.

Barley field on light overcast day. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


This project was spread over many months as we aimed to show the production of many ingredients which are highly seasonal. Spending time capturing the various harvests, but also carefully lighting the processes in the brewery to draw out the mood of this location with a rich history.

Sun shinning through pint of beer held by man. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


It is always satisfying putting together a project which has taken many months to capture, revisiting previous seasons and weaving them together to create a tapestry of shots which while different are fundamentally related.

Arkell's logo on pint glass with beer. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


This was Arkells first foray into high end production. We worked with them to create different edits to be used at different times of the year. Everything went down really well and, in fact, we are starting an even more ambitious project with them right now.

light shinning on brewery barrels. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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