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Pioneer New Zealand IPA can next to unique shaped glass on wooden table. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


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In order to stand out from the crowded beverage market, Arkell’s looked into a house-style. They decided to lead with a rustic and industrial for their 2019 marketing efforts.

Close view of Arkells logo on a IPA filled glass. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


After coming to the Still Moving team for help on bringing this style to life, we created a set of moodboards that we felt reflected the style they wanted.

Honey Pale Ale bottle next to corresponding glass with vapour in the background. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Once the moodboards had been created, the photography team sourced a series of props and accesorries to help create an industrial feel. A set of various glasses provided by Arkell’s were meticulously cleaned and prepared by the team before the shoot.

Honey Pale Ale on wooden table in front of rust covered background. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Using a series of special methods to make the glasses and beverages look fresh, the photography team shot each product individually and styled each shot to fit the style Arkell’s were after.


The challenge associated with photographing reflective products, such as beer glasses & bottles means that we shoot certain parts of each product to be edited together. This is all handled during the post-production phase.

Over camera view of the shoot of bottle pouring into glass. Photograph by Still Moving Media.


Arkell’s used the images across various platforms in lots of ways. We love seeing our work shared around and being used in versitile ways!

Overview of shoot with stands, photographer and computer. Photograph by Still Moving Media.
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