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What is animation?

Animation and motion graphics is the art of making stills move, from drawing and illustrations to real photos.

Bring boring to life through highly engaging and memorable content. Whether you want to launch a product or communicate with your followers, animation is the solution for those who can’t get in front of a camera. If you would like to know more, get in touch by clicking here


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We work with people to understand their project, produce dynamic content to engage their audiences and elevate their brands. Animation is one of the best tools for creating highly engaging content that is easily adapted for lots of different platforms, from social media to TV. If you would like, we can create social cuts from the hero film, giving you plenty of content to push out online surrounding your campaign launch.

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Animation & Messaging

If you’re unclear on how animation can benefit you, we are here to answer your questions. We can help tailor your project to fit seamlessly onto each platform your displaying on.

We only need to know two things to get you started… Who is listening and what do you want to say?

By understanding what your key messages are and who you are targeting, we can suggest the bets style and length.


We’d love to answer any burning questions you may have about animation and motion graphics, we are good listeners… email hello@stillmovingmedia.co.uk or call +44 1242 692552

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