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Working with children and animals

Working with children and animals, something they say you shouldn’t do, right? We work with animals and children on a regular basis and it almost always leaves us with a funny story to tell!

A different kind of pressure

Whether we are trying to get a cat to play with a toy it isn’t interested in or trying to get a horse to stick its head out of a horse box, every day is different and its always a challenge when the talent can’t talk! Much like the portraits of famous faces, you often have seconds to get the shot before the animal or child moves and you’ve missed it. Albeit a bit of different kind of pressure to photographing a famous face like Sir David Attenborough!

An unhealthy amount of treats saves the day!

The joy and sometimes the challenge of working with children and animals is that you never know what to expect, all thoughts of planning and logistics sometimes have to be pushed aside as we let the scenes unfold. One shoot particularly springs to mind where we were filming for a at home cat monitoring product which also came with toys. This particular cat was not interested in even entertaining the product! With an unhealthy amount of treats and a patient film team, we managed to create get the shot and in the end the cat did enjoy the toys. Sometimes you never know what is going to work, a lot of trial and error for sure.

Tomorrow we are heading out to film a horse using our car rig so this should be an exciting one! Watch this space for behind the scenes and much more.

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