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The Cloudy G&T

We recently worked with Cotswolds Distillery to deliver the visual content for their 2019 national print campaign. We got the initial campaign mockups from the client and went about planning the best way to present the product through a set of visuals.

After talking through the creative side with the Cotswolds Distillery team, we set about creating an image of a refreshing and cloudy gin & tonic. This was more challenging as we originally thought, as we needed to capture the moment the gin mixed with the tonic and formed the cloud. We also wanted to make the colour of the grapefruit pop out and separate the glass from the blue background. 

The advert needed to stand out. This is always challenging when you have no idea what it'll be placed next to. This is where colour and content becomes so important. Having a pop of colour to catch the eye and draw the viewer into the image is a great way to make your advert successful. 

Our post-production team also created an animated version of the advert which has drops of condensation running down the glass, moving clouds and Waitrose promotional icons.

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