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Studio Announcement


Our team recently visited the site of our new studios, near Cheltenham Racecourse. Donning hard-hats, we toured the premises and it was incredible to imagine how the final space will look. Our custom built studio will become StillMoving's new home, kitted out with new technology, from grading & editing rooms, to post-production pods, creative planning spaces and a large presentation space.

The new studio area will include two studio spaces, both are drive-in for automotive & set-build shooting. Studio 001 is a 10 x 10 metre white cyclorama studio, with a head-height of 8.6 metres! Studio 002 is a fluid, multi-use space allowing for detailed product and fashion shoots, with a Colorama system build into the back wall. 


We have always put a big focus on our creative culture, encouraging everyone to bring fresh and unique ideas to the table. This has been a big influence over the design of our new space. We worked closely with Whiteroom Agency (https://www.whiteroom.agency/) who designed the space based on many conversations about how we use our current space, and how we imagined the new one. 

We look forward to moving into our new space in 100 days from today!

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