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How to sell a brand with photos

Your brand imagery is important. If you can master brand imagery and push a consistent and trendy style, then your brand is sure to soar. 

People all have very different aesthetic tastes, but often groups of people with similar lifestyles share similar visual taste. If you can understand how to tickle the part of your target consumers’ brain that decides whether an image is pleasing or not, then you’ve done the hard part.

N26's Brand Imagery

Let’s look at N26, a fintech digital banking startup that has stormed across Europe using social media and print advertising as their fuel. Over the last 3 years, they’ve perfected their use of visuals with an incredible understanding of their consumers segments. As a new player in the banking world, N26 knew their best option was to target the 18 to 30 age group who are glued to their mobile devices and often face a commute to work on the underground or bus. By flooding the world this group live in with their brand imagery during peak rush-hour times, they have secured close to 3 million users.

Getting Traction on Instagram

Their Instagram page could be a clone of an Instagram influencer who’s just come back from a tour around the world, but could easily be your local food blogger's page. The account features a mix of lifestyle and studio work making for easy following and in-line with what their target consumers follow day to day.

Fit In

With a clear understanding of what your target consumer follows, adapting your style can lead to a massive boost in brand awareness. Maybe it’s time to take a step back a look at what your consumers follow as well as understand the visuals that fill their feed every day. This is a concept we have done for both Curious Hotels and Neptune Rum, bespoke content to fit into consumer digital lifestyle.

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