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A good campaign can spread like anything, a thought conveyed in just the right way, through just the rights means and at just the right time can diffuse through a whole nation in a couple of hours. 

We see campaigns everywhere, though only a few are so revolutionary that they break through the ranks of the 'mundane' and naturally enter the discourse of our daily life. These are the 1% of the campaign which actual succeed. 

Let our creative director, Dale Campbell take you through some of the great campaign of our age.

Polarised politics and campaigns

Only a few campaigns have braved the polarised waters of national politics. And from those few who have, fewer still have improved their public image as a result.

Here's Dale Campbell on the topic of a campaign which succeeded.

An unsuccessful campaign

Contrasting the well timed and executed political campaign, here's an ad which sparked outrage across the world. Campaigns often prey on the mis step of other campaigns. Watch Dale as he investigates how Aviator Rum capitalised on Peloton's folly.

Sainsbury vs. Beyoncé

Dale takes a look at how UK Supermarket chain Sainsbury's capitalised on Beyonce's Adidas Collaboration "Ivy Park"

A Zoom call with Domino's

A Behind the Campaign featuring Domino's Pizza and a recruitment ad created by Crispin Porter Bogusky over Zoom Video Communications

Ohio Department of Health - Social distancing metaphor

A metaphor can be far more effective at motivating the populous than facts and figures. Watch Dale convey his feeling about Ohio Department's of Health's advert. 

A custom ad featuring your face?

Here's Dale explaining how Sweden managed to create a custom ad with your face on it!

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