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Next week, you could be in Italy photographing a Spanish model for an Irish brand. We’re looking for someone with an appetite for creativity and a passion for still imagery. 

Whether you’re a 1st year photography student at university or a graduate looking to get an introduction to the creative industry, you’ll be given the chance to compete directly with photographers who have been in the industry for over 15 years. We invest in talent and believe in giving everyone a chance to prove themselves. 

If this sounds like you, email a short paragraph about yourself along with a CV to studio@stillmovingmedia.co.uk


Nathan - Producer & Retoucher


“When I first joined Still Moving in 2017, it was for a 4 month internship full of crazy shoots with all kinds of amazing people. A year and a half later, I accepted a full time position with them. I moved from Switzerland to the Cotswolds to join the Still Moving team. Every day I am faced with new challenges that I tackle with a great bunch of people.”


Trail blazing content by trail blazing people.

Still Moving is the leading photography and film agency in the West of England, producing impactful, dynamic and engaging visual masterpieces. We enable brands around the world create content that resonates with consumers.

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