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A 6 part series on the post-production of an Aston Martin advert

Davinci: FROm start to finish

In this 6 part series Dale Campbell teaches everything from spot removal to advanced colour grading to produce a jaw dropping Aston Martin commercial all done in Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve.

Take a TV Advert from BRaw to Final Film

Giving you a rare inside view of how TV adverts on this level are edited, DaVinci Resolve is the perfect tool for a start-to-finish editing job.

Master Sound within the same timeline

We also give you an overview of using Fairlight within Resolve to master your sound.

Part 1 - An Introduction

An introduction to the basics of editing in DaVinci

Basic grade

In part 1, we show you just how easy it is to colour correct your footage, made simple with DaVinci Resolve.

Jog wheel

We'll also demonstrate the usefulness and added efficiency of the Jog Wheel when ripple cutting and editing.

Part 2 - Adjusting BRAW settings

In part 2, we delve deeper into the colour grading potential of DaVinci Resolve.

basic to advanced

Watch Dale use a set of creative grading tools to push the footage into its maximum potential and make this advert great.

your turn

Why don't you try this at home and follow along? After all, DaVinci Resolve is free!

Part 3 - Patch Replacer & Tracking FX

Watch part 3 for spot removal on non-static footage.

Patch replacer

The Patch Replacer makes it easy to cover up spots and marks in your footage. Watch the video to see how.

tracking FX

Patch replacing spots is one thing but what happens if your footage is not static? See part 3 for the solution:

Part 4 - Power windows & Tracking

Watch as we demonstrate the practical uses of power windows and how to track them with ease. 

Part 5 - Lighting effects

Watch as we reveal some lesser known features of DaVinci Resolve which can make your footage look incredible!

Part 6 - Overview of Audio in Fairlight

One of the most important yet overlooked element of filmmaking is good sound design. In this final part show you how we master our audio for the best viewing experience using Fairlight. 


Fairlight gives you full control over your audio with access to advanced EQ features and effects.

The keyboard

If you would like to know more about the Blackmagic Keyboard and Mini Panel in the series, please check out our YouTube channel for reviews! 


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