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60 second cinematography

Dramatic Brewery Shoot - 60 Second Cinematography

This is a fairly straightforward setup using a single light. The location had a lot of low ceilings and white walls, always a challenge when you want to create contrast and depth!

By using a Broncolor F160 LED light in a beauty dish, sometimes with a grid we were able to careful place light where we wanted it and avoid spilling onto the white surfaces. Additionally there were a couple of shots where we bough it a 4*4 floppy to take some of the return off walls.

Lifestyle Fashion in a Barn - 60 Second Cinematography

This is a fairly straightforward setup where the light completely changed the environment.

Quick interview setup - 60 Second Cinematography

Dale takes a look at the setup for an interview in a VoiceOver studio.

For this we had to travel by train to the location, so we were very limited on equipment.

Then the focus was on recording the VoiceOver for an Aston Martin advert, once that was complete we had a small window to film an interview with Jodie Kidd.

Creating a night interior - 60 Second Cinematography

Looking at how we controlled level on location using with Lastolite Skylite Rapid Frames and black negative fill fabric.

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