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Specialising in creative photography and cinematography, Still Moving Media offer a complete package from concept and planning, mood boards, competitor analysis and research through to art direction, execution, retouching and editing. We work closely with our clients to deliver stunning images that help them achieve their objectives.



Cheltenham born Spencer, set up his photography business in 2009 and built a reputation on fashion and creative commercial photography. Since then he has worked with companies such as Dubarry, Raging Bull and Selfridges and more locally The Cheltenham Festivals, Gloucester Quays, Cheltenham College and Gloucestershire College. Spencer is regularly approached to shoot for executive boards and high profile personalities.


Dale worked for many years in the music industry and began life behind the lens making music videos. Entirely self-taught this work increased and he developed his own YouTube channel and found himself making more videos and less music. Focussing on the structure of a video and the importance of controlling light, Dale has also developed a passion for time lapse videos.


Phil turned his passion for photographic imagery into a profession over ten years ago. Working on a range of commercial projects, he has become known for his attention to detail and ability to fulfil a clients brief no matter what the challenge! He particulalry enjoys the technical and styling elements of interior, product and food photography.


Zach is responsible for supporting all aspects of came work, production prep, equipment set-up, filming, editing and colour grading. Zach’s original background was in teaching Windsurfing, Sailing and Snowboarding. Due to this very active background, no challenge is too big or location to difficult for Zach to produce content from.


Rosanna is the point of contact for all Still Moving Media’s clients, assisting with research, shoot planning, website content, social media and project management. With a background in Fine Art, she has also taken on the role of storyboard artist during the pre-production stages.


Vampires, Babies and Coffee

What do you get when you cross; coffee, babies and a vampire?

A full-scale production by Still Moving Media.

With some of this year’s intriguing Science Festival themes confirmed, we worked alongside PR and Communications Manager, Bairbre Lloyd to determine what would be the best strategy for targeting curious festival goers through the means of video, in a slightly more unusual way…

With the events confirmed; ’’What Do Babies Think?’’, ‘’Coffee: Just Brew It’’ and ‘’Vampires’’, the challenge of tying all three events together in one promotional video rather began to appeal as part of the charm for us. After much consideration, we developed an idea for three separate concept videos that investigated each theme with a consistent network of characters that developed alongside the narrative throughout the video series.

Video 2: ‘’Coffee: Just Brew It’’ - Our post woman makes her way to the Scandinavian Coffee Pod for a mid-afternoon refreshment while delivering a Cheltenham Science Festival flyer to the staff that work there.

Set up: As we filmed this scene at the Scandinavian Coffee Pod during working hours it was important for us to work with minimal impact to their customers and staff. For the duration of the set-up and filming, we ensured that we were well equipped, efficient and discreet. It was important for us to capture the essence of the entire coffee experience, from roast to consumption, and for the video to almost produce that aroma of coffee. To stimulate all the senses, we got some really close up, in the action shots and audio was recorded separately to capture those tangible and satisfying sounds. The top down shot of the coffee cup being carried creates a match cut with the moon and symbolises the transition from day to night without need for explanation, this shot was captured on a body rig which is modelled here by our Head of Cinematography, Dale.

As all of the video series were shot in one day, we were very late in the evening when we came to capture this scene and the weather was beginning to close in, providing us with a perfect degree of horror and pathetic fallacy! The street lamps were not able to provide any meaningful exposure so we threw up a Kino Flo 4 bank on a C stand a Day Light Dedo light as a hard moon light. Combined, these lights back lit the smoke which was fuelled by a portable hazer, adding a touch of suspense. The following scene was shot at Cheltenham Playhouse, who were extremely generous to provide us with use of the Auditorium as well as some fairly obscure gothic props, including a coffin, a type writer and a gargoyle.

Video 4: As more of a bonus video, we curated a fourth instalment to tie up the narrative and pay tribute to our cliff hanger at the end of ‘’vampires’’. The scene opens much later on in the evening with our mother gently rocking her pram in a moonlit Scandinavian Coffee Pod. A mysterious woman in red is ordering at the bar. The same vampire from the previous video has left his coffin and is engrossed in the Festival flyer and the mysterious lady sets down the coffee. As the woman in red approaches, we can see that it is no other than the post lady transformed into a vampire! She points our male vampire in the direction of the babies that she interacted with in Video 1, who are becoming increasingly alarmed. In the cafe shot, the eery music, reversed shots of coffee being prepared and cold blueish light sets the tone for a scene which is not entirely comfortable.

Logistically, this shoot was not without it’s challenges, as we didn’t film the scenes in order of appearance, special care had to be taken in order to ensure the costume changes were true to the narrative timeline. Not forgetting booking our vampires in for a fabulous makeover at the Stuart Holmes salon - and then having to transport them from one location to the next in full character before the general public. With regards to pre-production design, storyboards and colour palettes were created to get to grips with the art direction and narrative and then paired with the shot list and call sheet to confirm the order of the day. A large part of the planning for this shoot was spent researching and sourcing realistic costumes and props, scouting out locations, fangs, pushchairs, capes, contact lenses, candles and coffins as well as organising shots around babies nap times and location time restrictions.

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