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Specialising in creative photography and cinematography, Still Moving Media offer a complete package from concept and planning, mood boards, competitor analysis and research through to art direction, execution, retouching and editing. We work closely with our clients to deliver stunning images that help them achieve their objectives.



Cheltenham born Spencer, set up his photography business in 2009 and built a reputation on fashion and creative commercial photography. Since then he has worked with companies such as Dubarry, Raging Bull and Selfridges and more locally The Cheltenham Festivals, Gloucester Quays, Cheltenham College and Gloucestershire College. Spencer is regularly approached to shoot for executive boards and high profile personalities.


Dale worked for many years in the music industry and began life behind the lens making music videos. Entirely self-taught this work increased and he developed his own YouTube channel and found himself making more videos and less music. Focussing on the structure of a video and the importance of controlling light, Dale has also developed a passion for time lapse videos.


Phil turned his passion for photographic imagery into a profession over ten years ago. Working on a range of commercial projects, he has become known for his attention to detail and ability to fulfil a clients brief no matter what the challenge! He particulalry enjoys the technical and styling elements of interior, product and food photography.


Zach is responsible for supporting all aspects of came work, production prep, equipment set-up, filming, editing and colour grading. Zach’s original background was in teaching Windsurfing, Sailing and Snowboarding. Due to this very active background, no challenge is too big or location to difficult for Zach to produce content from.


Rosanna is the point of contact for all Still Moving Media’s clients, assisting with research, shoot planning, website content, social media and project management. With a background in Fine Art, she has also taken on the role of storyboard artist during the pre-production stages.


StudentUniverse and a Social Media Sensation

As our shoot with StudentUniverse certainly qualifies as one of our most unusual projects, we felt it only fair to share our eventful two days with you (and of course our bizarre behind the scenes photographs). StudentUniverse are the world’s leading travel booking service for students, priding themselves on allowing students to travel more and spend less. Since collaborating with StudentUniverse for an exciting cinematography shoot in Florence in November 2015, we were very eager to hear about their plans to join forces with us for their 2017 campaign.

There is nothing we enjoy more than a fun concept to develop, and after some long conversations, mood boards and sketches, we had confirmed our four ideas. The first being a student chilling out in a bath tub full of baked beans, the next, a student winning big time at a casino, the third video presents a student that has ordered so much pizza, they have become submerged in empty boxes, and the final video shows a student buried in sand who has really splashed out on their holiday wardrobe.

A key component that makes Bash’s videos so viral is his distinctively contagious laugh which narrates the images that appear. During our conversations that followed, the strange thought entered our minds... why don’t we ask Bash if he would do it? With over 1 million Facebook followers, he could certainly influence the project in a big way. We approached his management and to our amazement, they agreed to Bash participating in all four concept videos!

We rigged a DJI ronin to a pulli system, with wireless follow focus, wireless gimbal control and wireless director monitoring solution. This allowed us to create a fluid motion where by we focus on Bash’s laughing face, and pull out to create a ‘reveal’ shot of the situation/location. With various scenarios to create, lighting was as always a very key component to the set-up. We used 3 x kino flo pushing through a 2m x 2m 1.25 stops diffusion fabric with a custom grid on the front to create a large light source which would allow us to light from a distance while maintaining a narrow spread and keeping it off the black background, this created a dramatic sense of separation between the subject and the background, suspending them in a kind of black limbo. We then had another kino flo four bank rim light.

This required numerous practice runs, coordination between actors as well as smooth camera movements, both physically and remotely. As a way of concluding the video, it was important for us to show the ‘student’ logging on to the website/app and purchasing flight tickets, this was done through a series of top down and over the shoulder shots paired with screen tracking and replacing to follow the booking progress. It is impossible to discuss any behind the scenes for this shoot without enjoying some of the more humorous moments that occurred. As each scene was set up in a studio, we essentially had to create a location/scenario using props alone.

Video Performance Update - 19th April 2017

It has 'bean' a month since Student Universe video was shared, so we thought we would take the opportunity to reflect on the videos Facebook statistics.

Video 1:
I’ve Bean to so many places #SaveYourWay
Posted 20 March. 373k views, 854 reactions and 1.3k comments.

Video 2: Take a Spin Around the World #SaveYourWay
Posted 27 March. 94k views, 103 reactions and 49 comments.

Video 3: Want A Slice of These Deals? #SaveYourWay
Posted 3 April. 146k views, 425 reactions and 541 comments.

Video 4: Life's A Beach! #SaveYourWay
Posted 10 April. 93k views, 119 reactions and 31 comments.

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