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“Curabitur imperdiet gravida mi. Quisque vestibulum mi nisl, non consequat nisi ultricies ut. Nam pretium volutpat neque, quis maximus turpis auctor ut.”

“Curabitur imperdiet gravida mi. Quisque vestibulum mi nisl, non consequat nisi ultricies ut. Nam pretium volutpat neque, quis maximus turpis auctor ut.”

Who We Are

  • Spencer

    Cheltenham born Spencer, set up his photography business in 2009 and built a reputation on fashion and creative commercial photography. Since then he has worked with companies such as Dubarry, Raging Bull and Selfridges and more locally The Cheltenham Festivals, Gloucester Quays, Cheltenham College and Gloucestershire College. Spencer is regularly approached to shoot for executive boards and high profile personalities.

  • Dale

    Dale worked for many years in the music industry and began life behind the lens making music videos. Entirely self-taught this work increased and he developed his own YouTube channel and found himself making more videos and less music. Focussing on the structure of a video and the importance of controlling light, Dale has also developed a passion for time lapse videos.

  • Phil

    Phil turned his passion for photographic imagery into a profession over ten years ago. Working on a range of commercial projects, he has become known for his attention to detail and ability to fulfil a clients brief no matter what the challenge! He particulalry enjoys the technical and styling elements of interior, product and food photography.

  • Zach

    Zach is responsible for supporting all aspects of came work, production prep, equipment set-up, filming, editing and colour grading. Zach’s original background was in teaching Windsurfing, Sailing and Snowboarding. Due to this very active background, no challenge is too big or location to difficult for Zach to produce content from.

  • Jess Moon

    Jess Moon is the point of contact for all Still Moving Media’s clients, assisting with research, shoot planning, website content, social media and project management. With a background in Fine Art, she has also taken on the role of storyboard artist during the pre-production stages.

News and Social

  • A Shoot with Selfridges London

    Our Head of Photography, Spencer travelled to London for a very exciting shoot with Selfridges on Oxford Street. With iconic brands such as Givenchy, Prada, Burberry and Valentino, this was not an opportunity to be missed.…

  • Controlling Light in Cinematography

    Controlling light in cinematography is one of the most misunderstood elements of our work. We are often told (usually enthusiastically) that a room is really bright or apologetically that it’s really dark. In order to get…

  • Cheltenham Tourism Lifestyle Campaign

    After a stint of travelling to clients all over (and outside of) the country, it was great to find ourselves at a shoot on our home soil, allowing us to re-establish our roots here in Cheltenham,…

  • Vampires, Babies and Coffee

    What do you get when you cross; coffee, babies and a vampire? A full-scale production by Still Moving Media. With some of this year’s intriguing Science Festival themes confirmed, we worked alongside PR and Communications Manager,…


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