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Specialising in creative photography and cinematography, Still Moving Media offer a complete package from concept and planning, mood boards, competitor analysis and research through to art direction, execution, retouching and editing. We work closely with our clients to deliver stunning images that help them achieve their objectives.



Cheltenham born Spencer, set up his photography business in 2009 and built a reputation on fashion and creative commercial photography. Since then he has worked with companies such as Dubarry, Raging Bull and Selfridges and more locally The Cheltenham Festivals, Gloucester Quays, Cheltenham College and Gloucestershire College. Spencer is regularly approached to shoot for executive boards and high profile personalities.


Dale worked for many years in the music industry and began life behind the lens making music videos. Entirely self-taught this work increased and he developed his own YouTube channel and found himself making more videos and less music. Focussing on the structure of a video and the importance of controlling light, Dale has also developed a passion for time lapse videos.


Phil turned his passion for photographic imagery into a profession over ten years ago. Working on a range of commercial projects, he has become known for his attention to detail and ability to fulfil a clients brief no matter what the challenge! He particulalry enjoys the technical and styling elements of interior, product and food photography.


Zach is responsible for supporting all aspects of came work, production prep, equipment set-up, filming, editing and colour grading. Zach’s original background was in teaching Windsurfing, Sailing and Snowboarding. Due to this very active background, no challenge is too big or location to difficult for Zach to produce content from.


Rosanna is the point of contact for all Still Moving Media’s clients, assisting with research, shoot planning, website content, social media and project management. With a background in Fine Art, she has also taken on the role of storyboard artist during the pre-production stages.


Gin O’ Clock!

Ellenborough Park Hotel's Dry Gin has been distilled in small batches by the Cotswolds Distillery. By combining botanicals including cardamom, cumin, clove, cinnamon and black pepper they have created a spiced London Dry that captures the spirit of Ellenborough park.  Its exotic flavours reflect the life of the 1st Earl of Ellenborough, former Governor of India, and his wife Jane Digby whose adventures took her across Europe and the Middle East. With all this colourful, historic context, this was a very creative one to jump on to. We managed the entire project from concept to creation with the final product evidence of a fantastic collaboration between Ellenborough Park Hotel, Cotswold Distillery and Still Moving Media.

Mood boards and research:
When we got back to the office we were keen to get the planning off the ground. Using Pinterest, we pulled together mood boards and competitor analysis of various shots of raw ingredients, distilleries, drinks being poured and other set-dressing inspiration. After much scrutiny and comparison, we were left with a clear idea of the colours, props, camera angles and lighting styles that we wanted to work with. We then grouped these images together into scene ideas and used the 'colour picker' tool to pull together colour swatches that complimented potential frames. We decided to utilise Cotswold Distillery’s very own Researcher and Developer, Elizabeth Pinder as our Distilling actress - keeping it authentic!

Equipment prep:
After visiting the space, the Cinematography team knew exactly what equipment to prepare and ensured all the memory cards were ready for footage! We packed up the equipment and props into the car and set off from Cheltenham to the North Cotswolds.

Shoot day and set up:
After a very early set-off and a beautiful country drive, we arrived at Cotswold Distillery and set-up the camera, tripods, lights and bounce boards. The room we were filming was the distillery's mixing room, so the space was quite challenging and not intended for a film crew. With some clever lighting rigs, we managed to create the illusion of a much larger, airy space. 

Breakdown and unloading:
Once our DOP called ‘cut!’ we began to dismantle the equipment, which surprisingly took less time than clearing up the vast array of raw ingredients… We were all cleared out by 5pm - not bad for a day’s work! 

Final Touches:
Once the visuals were all imported into the computer, Dale worked on the editing and colour grading, ensuring that all the cuts were smooth and the visuals matched. By the time we had finished filming, there was no natural light remaining so we Dale had to work hard to keep everything looking consistent. On reflection it was amazing to see how the colours in the final edit tie in with the colour swatches from the mood boards and storyboards in the initial planning stages. A fantastic tool to refer to throughout the process.

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